My lover and I had a big argument that lasted several days and during this time she sent me an e-mail listing all of the things she liked about me. This web site is dedicated to her, my lover bunny.

You are the only woman in the world for me.

I love you because...
... you sing while cooking.  12/02/2023
... you're an Ultraman fan.  01/11/2023
... you're a winter ghost (awwoooooo!!!)  02/27/2022
... we watch Groundhog Day every Groundhog Day.  02/02/2022
... we retire to the puzzle room for the evening.  11/14/2021
... you're a bad ass in Red Dead Redemption II.  02/10/2021
... we watch Groundhog Day every Groundhog Day.  02/02/2021
... our film company would be called "Syrup on the Sand" productions.  09/02/2020
... you keep me going through the covid crap.  04/26/2020
... we watch Groundhog Day every Groundhog Day.  02/02/2020
... you took over the Lori Petty Q&A to talk about the Staircase Owl.  09/14/2019
... you're my Deadwood drinking game partner.  05/31/2019
... of the western playlist on the way to Dodge City.  10/15/2016
... of bionic running in Indy.  06/20/2015
... your love of the King of all Monsters.  05/16/2014
... you're a hot foot piano mover.  01/20/2014
... we howl at the moon on TV.  11/17/2013
... of the rats and bats  01/29/2013
... of the way you took to the musket and huzzah, huzzah, huuuzzzaaaahhhh!  07/16/2011
... of a super moon and a fat deer.  03/19/2011
... we fill gaps.  02/1/2010
... you're my banana butt, lemon drop, bumblebee, sunshine, and little honey mustard.  09/18/2009
... you're my knit genius.  08/10/2009
... you're my apple core friend.  08/03/2008
... you're a great octopus spotter.  07/27/2008
... you used one of your chick flick credits to make me go see Speed Racer.  05/08/2008
... you work for the Umbrella Corporation.  09/22/2007
... you got the coveted black sheep tape measure.  01/18/2007
... of NYC confetti.  01/01/2006
... you're no penguin.  8/15/2005
... you laughed at the scabbing on the angels song.  7/16/2005
... you made me a turtle.  2/14/2005
... of your giant head.  12/25/2004
... you took up knitting to get over the 2004 election.  11/03/2004
... you sang the theme from the 60's Spider-Man cartoon in a movie theater.  07/05/2004
... you stayed up all night because you thought you were the cause of my sleeping troubles.  02/15/2004
... you're my "hmm hmm him" go to person.  01/06/2004
... you run from the cops.  10/16/2003
... "Buzzards gotta eat...same as worms."  09/25/2003
... you move to my pillow when I'm not in bed.  07/20/2003
... you know the German words to 99 Luft Balloons.  07/19/2003
... of Thanksgiving in June.  06/26/2003
... you got my back.  06/26/2003
... you can handle my farts.  06/10/2003
... the fuss you made while we were cleaning our smelly gutters.  05/25/2003
... you laugh so hard sometimes I have to pause/rewind the TV.  04/14/2003
... I can never beat you at Othello.  04/03/2003
... you clean out the old food in the refrigerator before leaving town.  03/31/2003
... of your ongoing fight with the Bread Maker.  03/10/2003
... of the David or Bruce Banner argument.  02/16/2003
... you stood on your chair at the end of Dead Poets Society.  11/22/2002
... when I am sad you flash me.  11/08/2002
... I will never beat you at Book Worm.  11/04/2002
... of how mad you got when you thought this web site was gone.  09/27/2002
... of Sunday soup days.  09/22/2002
... of squish.  11/21/2001
... of your love of Anne.  11/20/2001
... of our married characters ( Alazen and Annme Took ) in Everquest.  11/20/2001
... we share the like of The Long-Lasting Fruit Chew.  03/12/2001
... of your delight at being called mom-ma by one of the performers at "O".
... of your expression at seeing Mystére.
... we had the coolest wedding.
... you found the birdies of brass in the book I Spy Spooky Night.
... of our Lexx dates.
... when you lock the door behind me I don't have to check it.
... you tell me everything (ex: the trip to Target ).
... you're the only person I can tell everything to.
... of your expression when you catch me staring at you.
... you're really a one-man lesbian.
... we try to do the crossword puzzle every Sunday and fail.
... of the way we share salt with a little watermelon.
... you walk the dogs with me even though you don't like them.
... you want to make all my fantasies come true. You do!
... you still let me play with your daughter despite the trouble we get into.
... you look at every label for bad ingredients and make me vegan meals.
... you sit and watch the Sci-Fi channel with me.
... you sing your daughter to sleep every night with very obscure songs.
... you sing your daughter to sleep every night.
... you always know who's singing the song on the radio.
... you like fat little babies and say we can eat them during emergencies.
... you write very well.
... I love to read your thoughts and rants.  
... you write poetry that I don't understand or like.
... you're my Lover Bunny.